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A Day for the Planet

We are overflowing with gratitude to each of you who has dedicated your time and effort to collecting plastics in Llafranc. Whether he has navigated the sea with a kayak or whether he has chosen to stay on the beach, his participation has been essential in this crucial initiative for the preservation of our environment.

Promoting the nobility of the cause

We want to express a special thank you to @flopp_careli for their generosity and the unconditional support they have provided to the participants. Their products have added a unique dimension to our journey, further encouraging those who have joined this noble cause.

The togetherness and diversity of ways in which each of you has contributed to this joint effort reflects the power of community when it is revealed. From the intrepid sailors to the committed ones who stayed on the ground, everyone has played a fundamental role in the task of cleaning our beloved coast of unwanted plastics.

Infinitely grateful

To each person who has collected a jar, a piece of plastic or has collaborated in any other way, our most sincere thanks. This initiative would not be possible without your dedication and environmental awareness.

The day in Llafranc has been much more than a simple collection of plastics; It has been a living manifestation of our shared responsibility towards the planet. Every small gesture, every bag full of waste, is a statement in defense of sustainability and against marine pollution.

Good job and thank you all! A cleaner planet is a healthier planet for everyone! #diamundialdelanetejaflopp_eco
We continue to inspire each other and keep that flame of consciousness alive. In addition to cleaning the beaches, we have sown the seed of a greener and more conscious future. So, again, thank you very much everyone. With your help, we are taking concrete steps towards a healthier and more sustainable environment.
We move forward together, committed to the well-being of our planet.

Great success of the Oncocayac

We are delighted to share that last September, together with the Oncolliga Girona Foundation, we organized the third edition of Oncocayak. This charity event was a memorable day that involved great collaboration and support for a cause as important as oncology at the Trueta Hospital in Girona.

Emotions galore!

The Oncocayak consisted of an exciting kayak trip that traveled the route from Llafranc to the Formigas Islands and back to Llafranc, covering a total of 6 miles or 7.5 km. The participants showed their commitment and bravery as they navigated the waters, contributing to raising funds for this important cause.

Upon arrival in Llafranc, we had the opportunity to celebrate together and share moments of camaraderie. A delicious pan of vegetable rice was waiting for us on the beach, giving us the necessary energy after a day full of emotions and efforts.

Many thanks to all the participants

We are deeply grateful to all the participants, collaborators and donors who made this extraordinary day possible. Your support and generosity have helped make a real difference to the lives of many people fighting cancer.

The Oncocayak was much more than a kayak trip; It was a show of solidarity, hope and community. Each paddle represented a step toward a more hopeful future for those affected by this disease.

Heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated and supported Oncocayak. Together we are making a significant difference in the fight against cancer.

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